Google Fiber vs. AT&T U-verse in Kansas City, MO

Google Fiber vs. AT&T U-verse in Kansas City, MO

It’s always good news for the consumer when two companies offering the same service began to square-off for dominance in the same area. However, what both companies are offering will only be for certain neighborhoods of interest, as neither is franchising, and will only be available where demand is high enough to make it financially feasible.

AT&T already has a wide-costumer base in Kansas City, and will be offering the service under the same conditions, but those customers may want to stay with a service they’re already familiar with, or opt to go with Google Fiber.

Google has partnered with Kansas City to create the infrastructure, and AT&T in Kansas City, MO will profit through their efforts; however, it really all depends upon what each company is offering and at what price. Google offers a 1-gigabyte connection, upload, and download speed, while AT&T is offering 300 Mps with no price increase when the service reaches the 1-gigabyte speed.

The 1-gigabyte Google Fiber offers comes at a $70 monthly charge and they will waive the $300 installation fee. They also have a 5 Mps offered free, but you will have to pay the $300 installation fee over a period of 2 years. AT&T charges a monthly fee of $99 and an additional $21 for HBO (3 years), for a total of $120 per month.

Google Fiber includes television services offered with their platform, but you will not be able to get phone—land line service through them—and will need to have a separate telephone service. This is where the major difference in the two companies’ services really exists. AT&T’s package includes both internet and television, but also provides telephone service in their service.

In the long-run, when AT&T is able to reach the 1-gigabyte speed, their service will be the better choice, as telephone bills can be $49.95 on the low-end, and much higher with other benefits added. For the time being, Google Fiber gives you the fastest connection, but you will certainly have a telephone bill with another company to consider when deciding which company’s offer is the best fit for your home.

Both companies have sat their sights at 25-percent of users—wanting the service—in a neighborhood to make the service cost-effective. Neighborhood is relative, as it might be ¼ mile or several miles. It will all depend upon how much interest is shown in having the faster services.

Windows 10 to bring back Solitare

Windows 10 to bring back Solitare

We all remember spending hours upon hours playing solitaire on our computer. In the days before the internet, Solitaire was one of the best options for entertaining yourself on your computer. Over the years the number of games that come pre-installed on your PC shifted as people moved towards downloading their own games, but the release of Windows 10 is about to bring back a classic. Windows 10 is bringing solitaire back to the PC this year.

Solitaire was a staple of the Windows platform for years. From the beginning to Windows 7, Solitaire was an extremely popular option. When Windows released Windows 8, Solitaire plus Minesweeper and Hearts disappeared from Windows. This was a disappointing to many office employees that are bored at work. Returning this game to the Windows platform is an excellent public relations move by Microsoft.

Solitaire was brought back by Microsoft with the latest release of Windows 10. There have been several preview builds of Windows 10 released recently by Windows recently. Tech bloggers and journalists have been looking through these builds for secrets. One blogger recently discovered that Solitaire had been added to Windows. This version of Solitaire looks like the classic game, but it also includes a timer. Bloggers have thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and giving Windows users something to look forward too. They latest photos from this build are showing that Microsoft has seemed to create a high quality version of the game.

While Microsoft did not make an announcement before they released the latest preview build, there was a note included with the latest build. This build noted that the game is being introduced as a way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game on Windows. They are quite proud of the history of the game on the Windows platform.

The discovery of this game on the latest build comes as Microsoft continues to roll out preview builds of their latest Windows 10 builds. The official upgrade will become available at a later date this summer. The latest preview shows off the fact that the Start Menu is coming back and there will also be a new calendar and mail app. The builds look extremely good.

Microsoft has been preparing their latest operating system for several months and they have invested a great deal of time into promoting the platform. Windows 8 was a giant flop and the company is hoping that this latest operating system will improve their reputation. Adding solitaire is sure to be a wonderful addition to the operating system and may inspire users to stay with Windows and make them a great deal more satisfied. Solitaire had been dearly missed and the return of the game to the platform is sure to make people a great deal of people happier. The game amused players for years and is sure to amuse players for even more years.

How to Set Up Fingerprint Scanner on Galaxy S6

How to Set-Up Fingerprint Scanner on Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have a new feature; the very improved fingerprint scanner. Upgraded from the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner, the Galaxy makes it more reliable to store personal information for unlocking the device.

Unlocking the phone with your finger only takes a few seconds. And is quicker than putting in a pin number or swiping a pattern. Simply place your index finger or thumb for a few seconds–the phone is now unlocked! Samsung is saying that the fingerprint scanner will be used in a variety of other applications. Samsung Pay and logging into websites will be unlockable with your fingerprint.

The first time your device is powered on, you will be asked to register your prints; this being apart of the setup process. In the case of you wanting to skip the initial setup, the fingerprint scanner setting is accessible through the setting menu. Scroll down to the “Lockscreen and security” option. From there, tap “Fingerprints” and select “+Add fingerprint”. The on-screen instructions will prompt you on what to do next. If you’d like to add multiple fingerprints, going back through the steps can allow you to do so.

Completing the registration for adding your prints is simple and straightforward. But, for those are bee to this technology, will find is tedious and frustrating. The print must be 100%, or else it cannot be verified. You may find that you will have to roll your finger around the home screen button for it to be fully recognized. While it is confirming your print, make sure that you are moving your finger at different angles. It is important to try and cover as much of the button as possible. If not, you’ll receive a reminder telling you to do so.

Once you feel the device vibrate and the screen turns green, you can remove your finger. Your prints will now be saved to unlock your Galaxy! You can save up to four different prints. Although, at times great technology can fail and a backup is required. So as a precaution, you will be asked to make a backup pin number, just in case of any mix-ups.