Surfing in Pipa, Brazil

Pipa made the transition from fishing village to surfing hotspot after the 1970s. Visitors are drawn to the stunning beauty of this surfing gem located on Brazil’s northeastern coast. Pipa’s beaches are bordered by cliffs and sand dunes, an unusual feature for surfing beaches. The unique topography contributes to Pipa’s allure.

Surfers can find surf spots on four main beaches along a three-mile stretch of coastline. Pipa welcomes surfers with all levels of experience. The waves themselves can be welcoming for beginners on a gentle day, and provide enough challenge for advanced surfers on rough days. This particular spot on Brazil’s coastline has year-round swells, allowing Pipa twelve months of potential tourism. However, the best swells make their way toward Pipa between November and March, when they roll in from the north Atlantic. On clear days, surfers have been known to spot dolphins while out riding the waves.

The presence of year-round winds creates the perfect conditions for kitesurfing. Varying wave intensity allows beginners and experts to enjoy this colorful activity. Beginner kite surfers also benefit from Pipa’s Isolated beaches, which alleviate the stress of obstacles. Vibrant kites often dot Pipa’s coastline and add to the tropical beauty of its beaches. 

Even though Pipa is regarded as the best surfing spot in Rio Grande do Norte, it still maintains anonymity as a lesser known surf town. Pipa has the air of being untouched by big tourism. Its local feel and relaxed energy are just as attractive as the year-round waves that grace the shores.