Strength-Building Exercises: Off Board

Every surfer knows that getting out on the blue and missing a wave is not very fun. More of an embarrassment actually and when it happens you look around meekly, sitting on the board to see who might have seen you. Then finally you have to paddle back out. Know why you missed that wave? Because your legs and core probably weren’t strong and fast enough.

Surfing isn’t only about skill and technique, it is also about strength. Explosive strength. The kind of strength that is made by stimulating those fast twitch muscle fibers. Besides making it easier to catch waves a good strength and conditioning program will help you to recover faster from time out on the board.

The key is to train like an athlete and not an over swollen muscle builder to maintain flexibility. There are three things that are paramount for surfing workouts. One, it has to develop those powerful legs. Two, you need core strength to make it easier to stay on the board once your legs get you there and lastly, muscular endurance to be able last the long day on the board.

A great method for developing all of these is by working out with kettle bells doing cleans, snatches, swings and presses. Dumbbells can also be used but when available go with the kettle bells.