Taking a Look at Popular Surfing Magazines

There are several popular surfing magazines that one might find when they’re not catching a wave at Mavericks or Bells Beach. The aptly named Surfing Magazine first ran in December 1964, and continues to see a strong monthly release. It is perhaps best known for the special issues that it runs on an annual basis. These include a special feature on International Surfing Day.

Surfer is another magazine that doesn’t try to get too fancy with the name. John Severson founded the magazine in 1959, and his photography was something of a trendsetter in the surf media industry. The whole story can be found on Lunasurfshop’s Blog. There is still a lot of respect for the publication today, and many have considered it a premier magazine. A good portion of this comes from the fact that it reads like a forum for surfing culture.

Transworld Surf also has a strong following and has the advantage of being part of a family of other extreme sports magazines. Along with skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross, the Transworld series carries top content about the latest in each aspect of the surfing community. Regardless of which surfing magazine a person reads, however, one of the main things to watch out for are the awesome images that they will be treated as soon as they open the cover.