Big Waves on the Big Screen: Best Surfing Movies

When it comes to surfing movies, there are a few classic films that have truly been able to capture the essence of this sport. There cannot be an article on surfing movies at least without the mention of the original surfing classic, “The Endless Summer”. This was the first movie to truly depict the surfing lifestyle instead of just depicting surfing as a dangerous water sport as it detailed the strenuous process of not only surfing the waves but finding that perfect wave to ride.

Nineties’ films “The Green Iguana” and “Momentum” provided a more realistic look at surfing culture, surfing teams and most importantly the impressive tricks and stunts performed by some of the world’s best surfers. “Momentum” even featured a then relatively unknown Kelly Slater as he performed some of his never-before-seen skateboarding inspired tricks on some truly treacherous looking waves. These films showed audiences something most people had not seen before and that is the danger, dedication, and athleticism involved in professional surfing, and showed these images in a raw gritty manner that captivated viewers.

Finally, there is “Stranger Than Fiction” that is similar in fashion to “Momentum” only without Kelly Slater, this movie, shot in amazing quality was released in 2008 and showed some of the most gravity defying and impressive surfing tricks ever attempted in the sport.